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Public Training Courses

Public Training Courses Across Ireland

Drivers Hours and Working Time Directive: Supervisors and Managers

This course is intended to develop managements understanding of what rules build good drivers. There is thorough explanation of the regulations that govern driving time, rests, breaks, and the working time directive. Please see our training schedule for available courses.

Operator Awareness Training

Transport operations management through both the public and the private sectors is addressed in this training. This training is meant to increase the understanding of Road Haulage Operator’s licensing system, and explain in depth the drivers and employee’s responsibilities. The course also explores in detail the numerous areas of legislation that applies the operator licensing and increasing awareness on these obligations including rules on driving hours and safety in loads on vehicles. This class is based in a classroom setting holding up to 16 delegates. The goals of this course are to increase the knowledge base of transport law. To develop knowledge on the framework of legislation that is constructed around the operator licensing system and emphasizes on road safety legislation.

Highlighting on enforcing agencies including: The Minister, RSAH.S.A and the ramifications that come with non-conformance to legislation.

Securing Safe Loads Workshops for Management

Built to assist managers and supervisors gain an understanding in the risk of loads that have not been properly secured. This class encompasses legislation that governs the practices of safe loading and strategic unloading, and principles to take into consideration when properly securing a new load. It also evaluates what responsibilities lay in the company, the driver and what aspects of health and safety are within control including types of loads, types of restraints and what occurs from poor loading. This is done through demonstrating for application and how to correctly use lashing straps in the classroom.

Note: This course is provided in a classroom setting without the practical demonstration. The workshop is available in on-site training where a practical demonstration would be able to be provided which would require a trailer that is fully loaded.

Driver CPC Training

Safe Zone works with you to identify and assess efficient, cost effective, and practical methods to manage your Driver CPC course. All of this is done with the goal of meeting your business requirements and specific driver’s needs in training. Nationwide training is available at: Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Portlaoise, Sligo, and Waterford.