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Driver, Operative and Engineer Courses

Driver, Operative and Engineer Training Courses in Ireland

Safe Zone’s assessments for in-company training can build wealth in knowledge for your company through technical training and cost saving.

Why in-company training?

  • Save on costs immediately when compared to public courses.
  • Enhance convenience of training by removing the factor of travel.
  • Safe Zone uses Quality Assurance processes to ensure that each training is effective and promotes excellence.
  • Courses become flexible to you in terms of your relevant policies, procedures, and are more closely aligned to your companies systems and business objectives.
  • Courses are more tailored to your companies needs by our expert trainers.

Safe Zone’s Driver, Operative and Engineer classes are designed to provide highly effective training to increase your drivers skills, your enginners effectiveness and ensure that all use of mechanical equipment is done safely. The variety of courses offered all exist to increase your companies compliance and safety standards.

Courses available:

  • Manual Handling training for drivers, administration, clerical staff and operatives.
  • SAFED or Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving
  • Driver Assessment and Corrective Training
    • Assessor level
    • Assessor Revalidation level
  • LGV Driving assessment and corrective training
  • Driver Awareness Assessments and corrective training: Cars, Mini Buses, and Light Goods Vehicles
  • Safe Loading for Vehicles
  • Categorization of Defects Training
  • Yard Shunter – Training the Trainer
  • Reversing Assistant – Training the Trainer

Driver Walk Around and Defect Training

Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness, or the Road Safety Authority Act of 2012, SI No 348 of 2013 placed into effect on September 10, 2013. These make it an obligation for drivers that operate Light Commercial Vehicles, including HGV’s, Coach, and Buses to carry out an inspection of interior and exterior aspects of the vehicle.

These courses are intended to build the drivers understanding of their responsibilities to carry out these checks as well as assisting delegates to identify risk, defects and build compliance.

Course Content

  • Legal Requirements
  • Why and How a walk around check should go
  • Monitoring vehicle performance throughout the day
  • Identifying potential defects and reporting
  • Checking necessary components
  • Check procedures
  • Accurate reporting defects
  • Understanding enforcing powers and ramifications of non-compliance

Course Duration: [updated course times coming soon]

Course Participants: This course is designed to benefit up to 16 delegates.