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Tachograph Management

Tachograph Management Training Ireland

Safe Zones training course for Tachograph management is designed with the companies and drivers in mind. To assist the companies and the drivers in understanding their legal obligations as well as their duties as provided by the current legislation. This course is designed to identity business training needs for each individual business on a case-by-case basis.

Safe Zone covers the rules of drive times, mandatory breaks or resting periods, breaks that apply under the rules of working time directives, national and international journeys, penalties for not maintaining compliance, managing digital, analogue and mixed vehicle fleets as well as record keeping.

Course durations: [updated course times coming soon]

If you are seeking the opportunity to discuss at greater extent your companies training requirements you can contact us at: [phone number] or [email]

Working Time Directives, and Drivers Hours Workshop for Drivers

This course is used to assist drivers in building their understanding of the laws and regulations that govern working time and drivers hours. Working to explain the rules of breaks, rests, the working time directive, driving time, the correct utilization of mode switches, analogue charts, national as well as international journeys, and accurate record keeping.

Course duration: [updated course times coming soon]