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Operator License Awareness

Operator License Awareness Training Ireland


This course is intended for managers and supervisors with the aim to involve their work with the transport operations in both the public and private sectors. The Operator License Awareness Training will establish an overview of employer’s and drivers’ responsibilities in addition to the road haulage operator licensing system.

Details including the number of sectors involved in legislation which directly affects the obligations to the operator’s license. This includes rules that govern driver’s hours, and load safety of vehicles. The course is designed for up to 16 delegates and is class-room based.


Safe Zone works to develop knowledge of laws and regulations associated to road transport. However to cover the legalities and legal framework of road legislation and the operator licensing system is the specific goal of this course. Highlighting and emphasizing the authority of the enforcement agencies including: The Minister, H.S.A., RSA as well as developing a deep understanding of the penalties that comes with acting out of compliance for the operator/driver.


Delegates are expected to accomplish the following after course completion:

  • Be more confident in discussing legislation relevant to road transport with drivers.
  • Maintain and uphold compliance to transport legislation, as well as generalized compliance to road safety expectations.
  • Provide differences in categories of driver’s licenses.
  • Appreciate and understand the principles of safety in loading vehicles.
  • Identify the primary features of laws regulating driver’s hours.
  • Appreciate the ability and powers of the Minister of Transport and the enforcing authorities.
  • Understanding in depth the fundamental basis of the Road Haulage Operator Licensing System as well as the Commercial Roadworthiness Act.


Course notebooks will be provided to accompany course work. This notebook will be used for group exercises, as well as note taking throughout the day.


With breaks taken into consideration, the course is about eight (8) hours in length.

Additional Information

Additional information is available for the Operator License Awareness Training courses contact us today.