Load Securing Training

Load Securing Training Ireland

Training for Safe Load Securing, risk assessment, and best practices.

Secured loads that haven’t been secured properly, adequately, or are unsecured can cause injury and in some cases death. Loads can shift when they aren’t properly secured which can cause:

  • Objects to fall and cause injury
  • Loss of vehicle control
  • Collisions and road obstruction
  • Spillages causing loss of vehicle control
  • Financial loss, damaged goods, damaged vehicles, loss of working time, legal expenses and clean up expenses.

Course Content:

This class contains the following material:

    • Principles of safe un/loading
    • Principles that govern safe securing
    • Legislation
    • Health and Safety
    • Company Responsibility
    • Driver Responsibility
    • Different types of restraints
    • Different types of loading
    • What issues arise from unsecured loading techniques
    • Proper Weight Distribution
    • Classroom Based demonstration

Note: It is recommended that training be provided on your side which would permit a practical demonstration if permitted a fully loaded trailer. Additionally when training is done at your site an expert instructor can assess your risk of load securing practices.

Course Participants

Up to 12 people